Explore services and options to: Minimize and Remove
Unsecured Debt
Including federal student loans and IRS tax debt

Step 1

Change the Way you Think

Transforming your debt mentality to a wealth mindset starts by minimizing or removing your debt balances. If you're still thinking 'I can make payments' you’re not going to accumulate wealth.


“I can't afford to pay cash for the good things in life, so I will make payments so I can enjoy them now.”

Change the way you think. Change your financial outcome.


“By minimizing or avoiding purchases that consume my monthly income with payments, I can quickly grow my cash flow to accommodate a more vibrant financial future.”

Mindset Case Study

How debt can steal your future:

Consider a real-life client with $112,000 of unsecured debt and a minimum payment of $1,426. If that debt payment was not an obligation, that monthly payment could turn into $588,000 in just 20 years at a simple 5% interest rate. What are you missing out on because of your monthly debt payments?

Step 2

Reduce Debt & Free Up Cash Flow

Evaluate your debts. How are they restricting you? What tools do you have to leverage wealth accumulation over indebtedness?

The goals of our plan to help you become debt free:

  • 1End the mental drain of paying creditors

  • 2Reduce your financial responsibilities

  • 3Increase cash flow to start building wealth

9 in 10 borrowersexperienced significant anxiety due to their loan burden.

"Remind yourself of 'what makes you happy': Blogger shares her advice about battling debt and depression," CNBC

Reduce your debt with our proprietary programV.A.S.T.

The letters in the word ‘V.A.S.T.’ each stand for a powerful strategy that can work on your behalf to help reduce and remove your personal debt.

Strategy 1Validation

Validation is a process that legally challenges the validity of how your debts are collected. This process demands that creditor's prove they have followed the letter of the law when collecting your debt. If a creditor cannot verify the law has been followed, the debt is not collectable.

Bottom Line The failure of the creditor to follow the law could make your debt(s) uncollectible and you can be released from those debt(s).

Strategy 2Assumption

The assumption process changes the terms and conditions of your creditor contract(s). Even after changes are accepted by the creditor, the new terms are not followed. This results in fees/fines charged to the creditor, offsetting the original debt. Each case is unique so be sure to contact your agent and set an appointment to learn the details.

Bottom Line Like validation, assumption is an option allowing you to choose what program works for you - either way you end up debt free!

Strategy 3Settlement

Our settlement agency negotiates with your creditors on your behalf to establish more favorable terms—lower payoff balances and a more advantageous payment schedule.

Bottom Line New terms can result in lower monthly payments and a shorter time frame to become debt free.

Strategy 4Tax Debt Assistance

Our tax debt resolution experts assist you—if you qualify—in navigating the choppy waters of negotiating tax debt and payoff terms with the Internal Revenue Service.

Bottom Line Negotiations can yield halted fees, a reduced debt balance, and an agreeable payoff plan.

My client is blown away that he will save over $200 per month. His wife has a big balance too. We’ll help her next.

– Donna, Financial Professional on behalf of her client

I’m so excited for my client, Nicole. She will save over $400 a week and a total of $17,622. What we do is simply life-changing.

– Nigel, Financial Professional on behalf of his client

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Examine a simple breakdown of real options that help families resolve excessive debt.

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How Money Works book cover

Develop your Debt-to-wealth Mindset

Steps 3 and 4 are key milestones in our education system, which is based on the top–selling personal finance book, HowMoneyWorks, Stop Being a Sucker.

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The 7 Money Milestones

The HowMoneyWorks system at MPower gives you clear steps to follow out of debt to a place of financial wellbeing and strength. We call these steps the 7 Money Milestones.

The 2 Key Wealth Milestones

Protecting your income and building your wealth are two of the critical milestones on your journey to 'Turn Debt to Wealth.'

Step 3

Protect Your Income

The next step towards wealth is to help prevent your family from falling into debt and financial hardship again. You can do that by protecting your income with life insurance.

The 2 Basic Types of Life Insurance

Temporary (Term) Life Insurance

Term life insurance provides protection for a specified period of time—like 10, 20, or 30 years. It’s known for being affordable because it provides one core feature—a death benefit—and because it expires after the term.

Permanent Life Insurance

Like term, permanent life insurance provides a death benefit to protect your family financially; however, it’s designed to be kept for life—not just a term.

Additional benefits of permanent life insurance are riders that protect against terminal illness, chronic illness, even long term care needs. Permanent insurance can be a powerful tool used to accrue tax-free income during retirement and leave a tax-free inheritance as a legacy for your family.

10xHow much life insurance should you have?A good rule of thumb for how much life insurance to have is 10X your annual family income.

59%Only 59% of Americanshave life insurance, and about half of those with insurance are underinsured.

LIMRA, Sep. 2020

Contact me to explore which type and how much life insurance is right for you and your family.

Kevin Matthews

Kevin Matthews


Step 4

Start Building Wealth

With your debt free plan in place and your income protected, a portion of your increased cash flow can be put to work for you, creating a future of new possibilities.

Cash flow is the raw material for building wealth. By saving a little each month with the power of compound interest, the right financial vehicles, and time, almost any family can create a future they once thought impossible.

– The Authors of HowMoneyWorks: Stop Being a Sucker

The Six Essential Wealth Building Actions For a More MPowered Future

My job is to help you turn debt to wealth by completing each of the following actions.

1Calculate how much money you will need to live on in retirement.

2Use available cash flow to start saving money NOW.

3Leverage the power of compound interest to grow your savings.

4Create a strategy to avoid the impact of taxes on your savings.

5Create a strategy for future expenses relating to illnesses/accidents.

6Create a strategy for a tax-free retirement income that lasts.

Is building wealth only about retirement?

Life comes in stages, and it is certainly full of surprises. No matter what stage of life you’re in, money is a primary cornerstone. Creating a financial strategy for the different stages of life should be one of your top three priorities. Are you prepared for college, children, a home, or that fast approaching retirement? Work with MPowering America to make sure you’re ready for life's surprises.

How do you protect your legacy?

Don't forget, the federal & state government love your money. If you don't have an estate plan in place, there is a significant chance the government will be the one making financial decisions for you when you’re no longer able to. Don't be the one who's not properly prepared. Work with MPowering America to ensure a legacy that creates peace of mind.

Reimagine your finances and your future.Turn your debt to wealth with a new mindset and strategy.

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