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We offer client education and wealth strategies to help people with debilitating debt quickly, smoothly, and successfully navigate to a new lifestyle of financial freedom.

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 debt to wealth

Turn Debt to Wealth

If more than 20% of your income goes to servicing debt, you’re drastically reducing your ability to turn debt to prosperity. Make the decision to change direction.

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 debt to wealth

Rescue Your Family

Are education loans, college savings, unsecured debt, mortgages, home improvement, and retirement savings overwhelming your family? Find relief here.

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Create Cash Flow

Familiar with the saying "Cash Is King?" Take our Money Challenge to learn how you can better use your cash to grow your financial future and live better today.

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It's no coincidence that the majority of the American population is financially illiterate and in significant debt.1,2

At MPowering America, our mission is to help restore financial stability by breaking the cycle of debt and turbocharging the wealth accumulation process.

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1 "Can a book about money save lives?,” HowMoneyWorks, 2020"

2 "The 2020 Planning & Progress Study,” Northwestern Mutual, 2020"


Susan H.

Loveland, OH

"We just made my client cry with relief!! She just received a judgment from an attorney and is scared and mad. MPowering jumped right in and helped stop the judgment. You guys are awesome and no doubt there are tens of thousands more people that need our help!!!"


Linda C.

Kansas City, KS

"Linda is on a fixed income. She is excited to put $122.50 a month back into her budget. This helps her buy necessities she is struggling to purchase now. She will be debt free in 18 months versus 48 months. The relief in her voice is what feeds my soul when we can help our clients.""


Kandi P.

Knoxville, TN

"My call with MPowering reps went great. I had a few questions that they took the time to answer. I'm actually really excited to start getting rid of my credit cards and other debt. If it all goes as planned, I can retire at the same time all my debt is paid-just 32 months away. Thank you so much for all your help."


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